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Matteo M

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Built His First Smoker at Age 4
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Chef in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I'm an
Matteo received his first smoker when he was 4 years old and proceeded to slay a wild pig using sharpened implements from his tricycle. That part is not true. That was to get your attention. This part is true: Matteo is not your typical chef. He does not fit well into a corporate structure because he's a boat-rocker. He has a bad habit of telling it like it is. When it comes to sucking-up , his lips still have their cherry. When he sees something that needs to be done, he does it. He will never delegate something he hasn't already done, usually more than once. Most high end chefs have an attitude. They are too good for that. He may bust your balls, but it will not be for something he hasn't done first hand, and usually recently. He exemplifies the old school axiom: To build new leaders, show them, don't tell them. Sure, a great chef is someone with passion, and creativity. If you can find one that also makes customers feel good and want to order your food, you have a winner. But really what you want in a chef is someone who makes the team feel like they are just as important. This is when a chef can turn a kitchen into a magical place that can appear to run on auto-pilot. This was not written by Matteo, so don't be thinking he's some sort of dude that writes in the third person. Last I heard he was building an awesome kitchen over at Wolverine State Brewing Company in Ann Arbor. If you are looking for someone to tear the cover off of new opportunities, this is the guy you want as your quarterback.

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