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Darin R

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Executive And Private Chef
San Diego, California
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Chef in San Diego, California

I'm an
I am a classically trained chef, manager, BOH and FOH, but very much so enjoy the rustic purity of down home inspired comfort food. I am a big fan of farm and sea to table, and using as much local product as possible, that’s one of the great things about California, there is a farmers market to go to every day. In the past I have worked out deals with for example south central farms where they set me aside a plot and grew me whatever I wanted fresh, and even delivered it when ripe. When I used goat cheese it was from a lady at the farmers market I got to know well and even knew the names of the goats my cheese came from. Local fisheries are great, but when that supply is low I use the sea2table program and know that my fish was swimming 24 hours before I got it, I know where it comes from and even the name of the boat that caught it. In Michigan I used the Michigan pork program, the butcher that I got my meat from there was one that farmers in that area took their livestock to them, and have for generations. Including my family farm where I was raised. If I used wild boar it was feral caught from san Antonio TX. I’ve made Venison ossubucco from local sources served with celery root from the farmers market. All these things are very important to me. As far as Menu goes, I would say I’m American eclectic, I like to take old world hearty comfort t food with a history and elevate it back onto the modern table. I also love to put a Italian idem next to a Caribbean ect. because we are a nation of many cultures and food. That celebration of our cultural diversity is a great thing. I love organizing trips to say, Haas avocado farm, getting to know them and using there product, this history of where your food comes from, and displaying that proudly. Also as a team building exercise in taking personal pride and ownership in what you do. I am not ego driven and love to teach. Our success and failures are as a team. The most successful teams have a program in place to nurture that philosophy. I am kind of a purest when it comes to ingredients and NON preprocessed food, fresh herbs, home stocks, sauces and condiment’s. Taking pride in butchering the fish, and meats yourself. Putting fresh, locally sourced foods on the plates of your local costumers shows pride in what you do, and in your customers. As they deserve as much. Management that’s clear, precise, and diligent, combined with proper cost control and passion for our craft and clientele isn’t always easy, but it is the only recipe for success in the culinary industry. I hope this gives you a idea of who I am as a chef and culinarian.

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