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Christina G

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I’m a well rounded traveling chef who loves creating healthy satisfying delicious meals for people who love to eat well.
Sedona, Arizona
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Reasons to Hire Me

  • Punctual. Clean. Organized. Meals are fresh & healthy.
  • Clients rave about the flavors being "soulfully delicious."
  • "She is a master at organic healthy meals."

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Chef in Sedona, Arizona

I'm an
One common theme I have experienced throughout the multitude of retreats I've had the privilege to cook for, and the many families I have shared meals with, is how we eat food can have the deepest impact in our lives. It's a simple fact that sharing meals at the family table provides a sensory exploration guests rarely experience at home. Moments of laughter, story telling and sheer joy in sharing a meal strengthens everyone's overall health and vitality through deeply profound connections. These memories are priceless and drive my passion for sharing food experiences. ​ My name is Christina. I'm a family style trained chef providing intimate experiences around food and coming together at the family table. I'm an expert in various cooking styles including raw vegan, vegetarian cuisine, body-building diets, gluten free, dairy free, whole plant foods and can prepare meals based on any food preferences, allergies or special diets. I also specialize in cleansing and detoxification diets, liver cleanses and gallbladder flushes, juice feasts and honor the order in which the body prioritizes nutrients and lets go of toxicity. While I'm not a doctor and can't tell you what to eat to cure any ailment, I can help create a successful eating plan based on what you CAN have. ​ Are shopping at the supermarkets and farmers markets and creating meals in your kitchen confusing and overwhelming? I help you select ingredients, create a shopping list, recipes, prep or cook a meal, collaborate with you and create a list of all the healthier staples your kitchen needs to prepare meals easily. I can make you some items to have on hand for a busy week. A few hours of my time and expertise will last much longer than a grocery store delivery. Let me help you create ease nourishing yourself.  ​ I've been passionately cooking on-site for clients for over 26 years and preparing meals for transformational retreats for over 15 years. One of my greatest accomplishments has been enhancing the nutrition program at the Sanctuary at Sedona by helping my clients stabilize their blood sugar and mood chemistry through food. ​ I've shared my unique recipes, techniques and enhanced flavor combining in cooking classes all over the world which have influenced and inspired countless people to shift their awareness toward conscious mindful food preparation methods using the highest quality ingredients from nature. My revolutionary fresh approach shows my clients they don’t have to give up taste or pleasure when eating mindfully and they can have fun in the kitchen while crafting healthy meals. ​ The kitchen is my playground and I love sharing the experience with you. ​ Below are clients and places I've cooked for and some I continue to provide exceptional service to: ​ ​ Alissa Cohen Raw Food Teacher Trainings '03-'05 Grace Grove Rejuvenation and Performance Institute '10-'16 Nutritional Feast Retreat 2012 Kendra Thornbury Wealthy Goddess '13-'15 The Sanctuary at Sedona '14-'19 Aubrey Marcus Onnit Team Retreat '14-'15 Julia Mikk's Your Deepest Fulfillment Weekend, Breath of Love 2015 Dawn Delvecchio Sacred Feminine Leadership 2018 Sandra Rolus Shakti Retreat 2018 Ocean Eagle's Breathwork Journey & Practitioner Retreats '21-'22-‘23 Jaya Lakshmi Goddess Empowerment & Healing '21-'22-‘23 Zarathustra 5th Dimentional Healing '19-'20 Apache Springs Ranch Family Retreat 2021 Alicia Welch Wellness Yoga '21-'22 Sanctuary Alumni Retreat 2022 Julie LaBenz Lady Lawyer Retreats ‘22-‘23 ​Genelll Gorman's Women's Empowerment Retreat '21-'23
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Sharon S

Kryssi is an incredible asset to any event, retreat, party, or meal. She provides well thought out and beautifully presented, delicious and nutritious food. I have not only personally hired her to cook and bake for birthday parties, I have worked with her at retreats as part of the retreat team. I have also been to her home as a dinner guest and the impeccable quality and amazing flavor and display is always there. You will be so happy to have chosen her to uplevel your meals/events.

Ocean E

Kryssi has prepared food for many of my retreats and is The Best Chef Ever!!!!! She engages with the group and explains the magic and nourishing details that went into each meal....... She has done well over 100 private events and comes highly recommended by All who have retained her gifts.

Jaya L

I hired Kryssi to chef for a 6 day women's retreat I was leading last October 2021. I was very impressed, by her magic touch with every dish she created and by her commitment to excellence. She was willing to go above and beyond to accommodate the people on the retreat who had special dietary needs and came up with delicious alternatives to satisfy everyone. It was a gluten-free mostly dairy-free menu and Kryssi added the aspect/option of grain-free with a lot of amazing recipes she had cultivated. The almond-four bread was outstanding! I know the women on the retreat had enlightening conversations with her about food - she offered them very valuable nutrition and dietary advice and I saw how much they admired her! I really appreciated this about her as well, her enthusiasm to share her knowledge of healthy and natural nutrition - inspired, positive vibes. One more thing - she was very efficient in how she worked, cleaned up and quite graceful how she moved (danced) about the kitchen :)

Daniel V

I've rarely met someone who can deeply listen to another person's needs, and then work hard to meet them. Kryssi is hard working, indeed. Her food is top notch, delicious AND nutritious. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a chef! Kryssi is amazing.

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