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Chef Michele R

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Love Is Cooking And Cooking Is Love!", Chef Michele Ramia, Are We Having Fun Yet?
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
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Chef in Ewa Beach, Hawaii

I'm an
Aloha everyone and welcome to the land of Chef Michele Ramia where cooking is exciting, joyful and flavorful! I am a Personal Chef who loves her cooking and also loves sharing luscious meals with her clients helping them discover the healing properties of the food on our planet and making food fun and exciting in flavor as well as visually appealing! One of several of my specialties is creating new gourmet chicken vegetable soups for the groups of ladies that lunch who are non-profit trying to make the world a better place! I make soup from scratch and it soothes the soul, even helps heal a broken heart? Yes! My mother used to make me a cozy soup when I wasn't feeling good and it made me feel so much better, kind of put the wind back under my wings? I know, sounds super corny but food can be a healing thing, pair it will killer wicked toasty Sour dough bread smeared with real butter, fresh garlic, parsley and just a sprinkle of parm straight from the oven's broiler. Don't forget to mention the illegal explosion of flavors from my homemade Caesar salad dancing on your tongue with grated Parmesan, crunchy croutons, a squeeze of lemon and a drop of tobasco! How about a sassy big-as-your-head semi-organic semi-sweet dark chocolate chip cookie made with oatmeal to add fiber to counter balance the calories, making something that was evil into something that is a party in your mouth and a bite of Heaven! Oh yeah, baby! Count on me to never us the word 'Crisco' or 'margarine' in my cooking creations because it is only one molecule away from being plastic! Really? Gross right? Love is cooking, and cooking is love! Remember the old adage about 'teaching a man to fish' instead of 'giving a man a fish?' Well, there is another reason to be a chef, because I can teach my passion! Take back your kitchen and make it a warm cozy place that you no longer sigh about! Conquer your kitchen baby! It's time to Polish your cooking skills and have fun doing it , for goodness sake! Yes! Learn how to use the right knife for the right job! I also Teach all ages and genders the happiness and satisfaction of making restaurant quality meals right in your very own kitchen! It's a blast....We go on excursions like the farmers market, your fav grocery store and I teach you how to see and smell the difference between a ripened mango, pineapple or cantaloupe, an old fish, a new fish, a marbled steak, fresh herbs, old vegetables and get the benefit of building your immunities by eating locally grown foods like our Hawaiian honey, honey! From authentic curries from India, to middle eastern stuffed cabbage, hummus you make in your own blender or a homemade chocolate cake for your nieces birthday party..nothing is impossible my friend! Let's cook up something incredible and not forget to have fun and have joy in the process! One pot of soup at a time or filet mignot,broiled lobster tail or tray of lasagna for a candle lite romantic dinner with your sweetheart! let's cook up something awesome together right this minute. Thanks for reading my profile and have an awesome tasty day! Love and Aloha to You new dear friend! Chef Michele Ramia ( Laulima Women's College House, tv show and host of Hawaiian Heartlight tv. Show, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. Look for my new cookbook coming out soon, Cooking with Aloha in Hawaii and my album, Godgirl. ) Cookinglessonsbychefmicheleramia .webs..... Email. [email protected]*****.com Tele: 808-783-... Text anytime ;) with questions ..

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