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Adam M

Young, talented, and Loyal Chef with 12+ yrs Experience
Phoenix, Arizona
Active over a week ago

Chef in Phoenix, Arizona

I'm an
Hello All, I am writing this post in hopes that there is an individual/group/company who is seeking the culinary services of a very creative, motivated, and loyal Chef. My intent is for them to see this add and consider making an investment into someone who will pay dividends in either their prospective company/ restaurant, or creating memorable culinary experiences for them personally for years to come. I have been classically trained in a wide variety of different cuisines from an array of different chefs from all different backgrounds, not from an institution or culinary school, but from the depths of the restaurant industry all the way to the top. I began my humble career as a bus boy in Prescott, Az and scratched and clawed my way through the ranks until I topped out as an Executive chef here in Phoenix. Within that time frame I encountered all different breeds of restaurants, i.e. resorts, banquets, stand-alone, and corporate settings, and thus, I feel, have become very well rounded and seasoned in both the culinary aspect, as well as the business side. I have since left my last employer however, and have really started to reflect about just how easy it is for an individual person, or company to topple everything you have worked so hard for due to their selfish motivating factors that are not related in any way to your skill or level of professionalism. What I mean is that I feel like I have been dealt a very unfair hand in terms of the positions I have been put in by certain employers after putting 110% of my heart and soul into the success of their business every day, only to be left out in the cold with a splotchy resume and a shrinking pool of potential employers. I don't want to sound like I do not appreciate all of the positions I have been appointed, or opportunities I have been given, what I am saying is that I do not believe my resume is not at all indicative of the type of talent and loyalty I can bring to the table because of reasons not at all related to the Chef I am today. Overall, I am a very positive, forward looking individual who really just seeks a person or company I can work for that will appreciate the deep passion I have for creating memorable experiences for people through my food, and knows that until I am instructed not to, will invest every ounce of my effort into their happiness and success. I will immediately send a resume and references to any company or individual interested in hearing more, interviewing, or perhaps setting up a tasting with me, rather than posting one with this add, so that people will not try to connect my comments with any one certain company I have worked for previously. I hope this post reaches someone who is as excited as I would be to collaborate and do something really special through cuisine. Businesses and technologies come and go, but the need for sustenance, and in turn, tasty sustenance, will always remain... Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from some of you. Chef Adam

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