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How much does a chef cost in USA?

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Hiring someone to work around your house or help get your small business off the ground is already overwhelming enough. Beyond finding someone trustworthy with good references, you need to know how much their services will cost? To help, we have created a guide to how much you can expect to pay chefs in your area.
So how much does a chef cost? From our research, on average they charge $30.00 an hour in USA.

Chef rates in USA

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* Rate information as of May 19, 2024
Aaron M
Aaron M
My name is Aaron. I'm a Lubbock native who's been cooking around town for about 17 years. I've worked my way up to being a Saute Chef (and a damn good one). I'd like to get my feet in the water in the private cooking world. I think it would be fun and a nice change from the restaurant-dinner service life every now and then. I have a great job that I love, and am wanting to get a good gig here and there, and get out of my comfort zone. I am not an expert at absolutely everything, which is why I am not an executive chef. but I'm a top notch cook and have a ton of passion, experience, and joy for what I do. I have no shortage of great references and have worked with and learned from a ton of different characters around town since I was a teen. I have a massive amount of restaurant experience. Very good with people. Banquet and catering experience also. I can do almost anything in the kitchen well, except for these things... butchering meat, baking, and desserts. I don't have a ton of experience in these areas. In my home life, I am very interested and invested in my family eating well, from a holistic-minded approach to diet. I have a lot of experience cooking meals geared towards kids and family that are delicious but also nutrient dense and natural as possible. Whether you're wanting some top-notch comfort food for a special occasion, or some healthy meal prep to get you through the school or work week, I can help you out! I have spent almost two decades learning how to make people happy through food.
Brian P
Brian P
Hi there, I'm Brian, a passionate and experienced chef from Killingly, Connecticut. With a culinary career spanning over a decade, I have honed my skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large event, I'm here to bring my expertise to your kitchen.
Kimberly T
Kimberly T
Hello there! I'm Kimberly, a passionate chef based in Monmouth County, New Jersey with over 6 years of experience in the culinary industry. I take immense pride in crafting delectable dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also leave a lasting impression. My expertise lies in creating diverse cuisines, whether it's classic American comfort food, Italian pasta dishes, or exotic Asian delicacies - I've got you covered. As a professional chef, I believe in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure that every dish is a true culinary masterpiece. I offer personalized cooking services tailored to suit your specific preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you're hosting a small intimate gathering or a lavish event, I am here to elevate your dining experience. If you're looking for a skilled and dedicated chef to bring culinary excellence to your table, look no further. My rate is $50.0 hourly, and I am more than happy to discuss your culinary needs. Please feel free to send me a message if you're interested in taking your dining experience to the next level. Let's create a memorable culinary journey together!

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