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Denise G

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Healthy, fresh and delicious!
Delray Beach, Florida
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Chef in Delray Beach, Florida

I'm an
I love to work with individuals who want to master their nutrition. He/she who understands the value of getting this primary fuel right!. I have traveled extensively always seeking out the delicacies, treats, and traditional medicine foods of the culture. My approach is traditional and innovative with much reverence for the value of food. And the food is always delicious! I love to take people on a journey of discovery where they can tame the beast of their cravings and find the right fuel for their metabolism. I love to see people experience the sustained energy and lightness of being from proper eating habits. I have turned meat-eaters into vegans with no regrets, balanced the constitution of a few vegans with some carefully selected animal products such as ghee and reintroduced select carbohydrates to the carbophobes. With an open heart and mind, rather than through the lens of any diet dogma, I stand in awe of whole, fresh food's healing power! That said, I can make any particular nutritional regimen be tasty and satisfying to your palette. I excel at working with restrictions and finding my customer's delight!


Danielle P

Denise is an amazing chef and home cook. Her recipes are always creative, nutritious AND delicious. Her in depth knowledge and attention to international ,fresh and healthy, ingredients shines through in every dish she creates. It is one of the true pleasure in my life to sit at a table and know that Denise has prepared my meal...... From the simple to the sublime it is always a culinary experience that nourishes my body and soul.

Jeanene G

Denise Girard is an extremely knowledgeable and talented chef. Her foods & recipes are always nutritious as well as being really delicious and creative. I am a yoga teacher and have worked with Denise in Los Angeles and in Baja, Mexico where she was the head Chef. Her expertise with healing foods helped me resolve many ailments. I am happy to give Denise my highest recommendation!

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